In form, the gruesome killings are unremarkable: a throat slashed by a blade of exceeding sharpness, in some cases severing the head completely; sometimes the corpse is further slashed and dismembered and organs are removed. Crimes of such violence are sadly not uncommon in the Imperium, but in this case something far darker is transpiring, for the killings form an ongoing pattern separated by geography and time, sometimes whole worlds apart. The finest seers and savants have been driven mad for merely focusing their minds on the mystery and for centuries the killings have not stopped, nor has their meaning been deciphered.

The diversity of the victims and the locale of the crimes are great. Some are the lowliest of workers slaving in a processing mill, others have been wealthy and important individuals killed in their homes. All the killings occur at night, in some cases a darkened public space mere yards away from other citizens who hear nothing of the crime done so close to them. Some victims have been found dead in locked rooms, the only access a window opening to a perilously long drop. Those who have caught a glimpse of the killer give a consistent and disturbing set of details: a pair of eyes glittering so they almost appear to burn, a strange fluid quickness of movement, and the swirl of a dark cloak or the repeated tap of a cane. All who have confronted him (or it) have been left maimed or dead.

Background PackagesEdit

Arbitrator: The Calixian Pattern Killings

The Holy Ordos and the Tyrantine Cabal in particular, maintain a constant watch for examples of the pattern repeating; sifting mountains of data in the vain hopes of discerning its dark purpose. In doing so sometimes they come across an arbitrator or even a local enforcer with the wit and skill to detect the pattern themselves, these individuals are often inducted into Inquisitorial service---the alternative, after all, is somewhat wasteful.

Effects: Apply all of the following changes to your character:

Characteristics: Increase either Intelligence or Perception by +5.

Talents: You begin play with Talented (Inquiry).