Tsade is a dead world in the Tsade System of the Josian Reach within the Calixis Sector, orbiting alongside its sister, the agri-world of Tsade II.

Recently, the planet was mistaken for its twin. The first indication of something amiss came when tithe-collection vessels, on their never-ending circuit of the system, approached only to be met with vox silence. The collectors found the planet reduced to craters and rubble, and space-based facilities torn to pieces. The few survivors could only gibber of “lights in the sky” and became violent when brought out of their underground bunkers. That an attack of such magnitude and speed could occur is disquieting to say the least and elements of Battlefleet Calixis were been dispatched to investigate. However, it seems that the planet was mistaken for Tsade II, which remains very much alive.

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