Located in the Tsade System of the Josian Reach within the Calixis Sector, Tsade II is an agri-world whose tithe includes sheef-corn (a staple ingredient for many foodstuffs processed to feed the hives of Fenksworld). Recently, it was thought to have been destroyed, but this was merely the mistake of confusing it for its twin, the dead world of Tsade.

The high Machine Temple of the Barahest Mountains upon Tsade II once sent forth tech–adepts to assuage the machine spirits of harvest–devices and perform devotion over threshing–limb augmetics common amongst harvest serfs. That was until unseasonal storms before the Balefruit Festival, an ill–omen. Now there are strange lights in the mountains, and tech–adepts descend to the plains no more. Machine spirits grow restless and unwilling to labor, limb–augmetics baulk at threshing duties, and representatives sent into the mountains have not returned. Petitioners have travelled to the capital city for aid, and word of these happenings has reached to the ears of the Holy Ordos. What they have yet to discover is that within the Barahest Mountains has been born a coven of mad tech-priests, the corruptions of the warp, and malifects of bronze.

A favorite ghost-story in the quiet ranching community Agri-Station 720-SX on Tsade II is the ‘Brass Bull,’ a bloodthirsty creature that crushes lone ranchers under its fiery, metal hooves. But it had always been a story... until a ranching camp in the nearby hills was found slaughtered to a man. The victims appeared to have been gored and trampled by a bull far larger than any other.

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