Tusk, as it is known in their brutal tongue, is an Ork world in the heart of the Undred-Undred Teef. It has a single moon, Slagnaz. The crown jewel of Undred-Undred Teef, Tusk possesses the largest population of Orks of any world in the Koronus Expanse. There may once have been an indigenous population on what is now Tusk, but it is long dead, any ruins of its existence ground to dust or torn apart to build the heart of an enduring Ork empire. Tusk is a world of factories and workshops, scaffolds and shipyards unceasing in their labors, producing weapons, vehicles, and starships for the Orks in vast quantities. The industry on Tusk has spread across the planet like a plague of fire and iron, the only remaining open spaces on the world serving only as testing grounds for new inventions and battlefields for restless greenskins (or both). Powerful bosses and Freebooter Kaptins gather here to test their mettle in the greatest fight in the Expanse. With every passing cycle of conflict, the number of bosses grows fewer, and those who remain are more powerful and grow to ever greater size.

This industry is not confined to the surface, either. Hundreds of vessels crowd the orbits of Tusk, many of which are being constructed or repaired. Others, such as the massive and derelict space hulk Fist of Gork, sit idle above the world, serving no purpose save being immense steel carcasses for the Orks to plunder, salvaging scrap metal and starship components to use on the ships that will function.

Above Tusk’s surface, a huge space hulk orbits, and millions of Orks and their smaller breed work under the direction of so-called Meks, fitting engines and weapons looted from the ships of other races or built in workshops scattered across Undred-Undred Teef. No individual Ork knows what compels them to gather here, but in every cell of their flesh they know Waaagh! is gathering, and all that it waits for is an undisputed boss to emerge from the crucible of inter-Ork warfare. The Orks are poised on the edge of a great Waaagh! of destruction that, if not stopped, will shake the expanse and the reaches beyond.

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