"Your lord's power is rooted merely in the world of man. He may claim the lives of all upon a world with but a single decree. That pales in a dream of the power that is the Lord I serve. Just as the hands on a clock are but a shadow of the tinkerer who built it, you are but a shade of change."

–Silacious Osbad as his charred corpse was ground to dust

The Changer of Ways is the master of sorcery and fortune. His flesh is a mutable canvas of fate that flows chaotically through time. Faces appear and disappear at random on his body, jeering those who look upon him. Should Tzeentch speak, the faces echo every syllable with minor changes in inflection, conveying dozens of possible meanings at once.

Machiavellian schemers often form conspiracies of likeminded plotters to achieve their goals. When they begin to crave the power to alter reality, they turn to Tzeentch. The Master of Fortune gifts them with power, but inevitably tricks them into betraying each other in an attempt to push their own personal plans forward. As the cult continues its quest for power, it becomes just another pawn in Tzeentch's infinite maze of plots. Those who attempt to understand the labyrinthine plans of the Great Conspirator tempt insanity, for his plans are beyond the understanding of the mortal mind. The Horror is the embodiment of Tzeentch’s change-based essence, ever mutating in unspeakable and impossible ways. So mutable is a Horror that it can split into two lesser beings and reform into one again.

Calixian ServantsEdit

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