Lord Inquisitor Caidin has taken the unusual step of releasing and confirming a capture/termination warrant against a party whose true name, nature, and activities remain unconfirmed. The existence of this “unknown heretic” has never been definitively proven, except perhaps by a telling absence of perpetrator, evidence, or motive in certain cases of great concern to the Inquisition. Like a dark void hiding amid the blackness of night, his existence can be inferred from instances of mystery and apparent coincidence linking together a telling string of mysterious deaths and disappearances over the last decade and a half.

These deaths have uniformly occurred among the contacts or affiliates of Inquisitors, and, as a result, operations have been repeatedly compromised or crippled through the termination of vital agents, data-sabotage, theft, and entire covert operation cells simply vanishing. Forensic examinations reveal nothing. Alone, each incident could be dismissed as coincidence, but together they form a web that darkly hints that there is a traitor in the Inquisition’s midst. This unknown individual appears able to move and kill at will within the Imperium, leaving no trace behind.

Recently, the deaths of Inquisitors Chalan and Severon are believed to be the work of the faceless traitor---both died when pursuing operations based on intelligence thought to have originated from within the ranks of the Ordos Calixis. In both cases, the method of killing took the form of ambushes that appeared to mimic the methods of well known heretical or blasphemous organizations. This alone indicates that the unknown heretic has access to the highest quality information and materiel. For example, the psychic wracking of Inquisitor Severon was carefully hallmarked to replicate the horrors perpetrated by the Pilgrims of Hayte, a subterfuge that could only be orchestrated by one who is intimate with the details of the Pilgrims of Hayte’s modus operandi. Worryingly, Inquisitor Chalan was notoriously circumspect, to the degree that he could only have been drawn-out by someone that he trusted.

Recently at Lord Caidan’s express arrangement, a more esoteric investigation has been undertaken. Auguries and divinations by the most potent seers have revealed an empty and impenetrable void around events surrounding the suspected activities of the unknown heretic---as if the whole incident has been simply ripped from history, leaving a rent in the fabric of things in its place. This void has consequently added an even darker dimension to the investigation.

The heretic’s motivations and goals are unknown, but it seems the foundations of the Holy Ordos are the direct target.

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