Valos Krin is a feral world in the Hazeroth Abyss of the Calixis Sector. In its past, a terrible fate befell it when warp-storms roiled forth from the death of a mighty daemon, leaving the planet a hellish wasteland, home now only to cults who sacrifice to “placate daemons of the Night Void that would otherwise devour the Emperor’s sky–ships.” Deep secrets hide beneath these primitive rituals, twisted echoes from a long–buried civilized past, containing hints that may lead to the summoning---and destruction by Battlefleet fire---of the entity now known as the Eye of the Abyss.

Valos Krin was one of the worlds cleansed in a great Inquisitorial operation carried out by the Calixian Conclave known as the Redemption of Hazeroth, which aimed to purge hundreds of cults in one night. Inquisitor Joshua Starkh led his cell and two hundred highly professional Imperial Guardsmen from the 129th Guytoga Hussars against a cult known as the Witch-Brothers of Night. The battle was a resounding success.

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