The Vault-Keepers are reptilian-looking xenos from the Terlain Cluster in the trailing end of the Hazeroth Abyss. They are known to produce weapons in the form of Imperial design, but with very different function and internal components.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Synapse Disruptor

The Terlain Cluster, found trailing from the Hazeroth Abyss, has long been a hub of the Cold Trade. It is home to many unscrupulous weapon smugglers and Rogue Traders visiting who seek out exotic items to fill the vaults and armories of jaded Calixian nobles. While of limited battlefield use, Synapse Disruptors are carried by the reptilian-looking Vault-Keepers of the cluster. The weapon has found popularity with flesh merchants, pit-fighters, and those who simply delight in the unusual for their methods of inflicting pain and discomfort. Insidiously, the weapon is often manufactured to look like a standard Imperium lasgun and only by taking it apart or seeing it in operation can one discern its true nature. For that reason, Ordo Malleus agents make use of the weapon when seeking to capture or disrupt cult activities without overt force.

Synapse Disruptors fire a near-invisible beam at their target, the initial effect of which is a dull-ache beginning in the extremities. If the beam is maintained for more than three rounds (requiring a successful Ballistic Skill Test each round to keep it “locked” on the victim if the target moves more than 5m. If the beam is maintained then the target must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test. The first failure causes a delusional state, requiring the target to roll on the Hallucinogen Effects Table. If the Synapse Disruptor is kept trained on the target for a further three rounds (and they fail a second Challenging (+0) Willpower Test), then the effects escalate and the target suffers a –20 penalty to any Test requiring concentration for 1d5 minutes after exposure.

Synapse Disruptors often appear as normal lasguns but require special power cells that cost 200 thrones each, but can be recharged in the same manner as a normal power cell.

Basic, 40m, S/–/–, Special, PEN 0, Clip 10, RLD 2Full, WT 5kg, Cost 3500, Very Rare

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