Warchief Kos’ke
Kos’ke is a distant relative of the great warlord King Skull. Kos’ke is the leader of the widely scattered mountain clan that largely dominates the broad area in which Stern Hope lays. A man who has earned his position through a mixture of willpower, naked ambition and outright bloodshed, Kos’ke is not a man to be trifled with, nor is he some ignorant savage, despite his appearance. He sees positioning himself as “Stern Hope’s protector” as a way to increase his own power, and understands that having the Ecclesiarchy as a “friend” can only be good for him and his clan.

He respects strength, wits and little else. Insults of any kind to his person or that of Raine will bring immediate violence from him and his followers upon the perpetrator. Kos’ke honors the beliefs of his people and considers “holy ones”, such as Raine (and to a lesser extent, Abbot Skae), to be somewhat sacrosanct and unlucky to kill. But like his people, he sees the cathedral’s location in what his clan calls “The Crow’s Valley” as something that is best ill-advised, although he knows nothing of the place other than that it is traditionally shunned.

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