“You see this dagger, off-worlder? I made this dagger. I killed the beast whose teeth make up this blade. You come here with your pretty guns that make pretty flashes, but I earned my weapon... did you?”

— Crowe, Leader of the Five Great Tribes

Crowe, Leader of the Five Great Tribes, is the most powerful man on the feral world of Volonx. Having risen to prominence in his native tribe, the young and charismatic warrior seized leadership by killing his predecessor in an honour duel and set about training his warriors into a disciplined fighting force of a kind unknown on Volonx. In only a few short years he has wielded his army to great effect, conquering and unifying five other major tribes under his banner, and in turn forcing his enemies into rival alliances or supplication to survive.

Some herald Crowe as a savior, the “Sky- Emperor’s” chosen, but others call him a butcher in league with evil spirits. Regardless, there is no mistaking his ambition. The Volonx grasslands are vast and whilst it will be many years before Crowe will be able to claim full dominion over the entire world, none doubt that he will try.

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