Unique EquipmentEdit

Shock Carapace

Used by the elite “White Hand” Arbites Riot Squads of Scintilla, these formidable suits of heavy carapace have a shock field integrated into their armored plates, delivering an unwelcome surprise to those that strike them in close combat. Underhivers of Hive Sibellus refer to these suits as Spark Plates and sometimes wrap their hands in paper detritus in an attempt to counter its effects.

Any successful hit to Shock Carapace with a conductive weapon—any close combat weapon not made of wood, ceramite or glass---results in a Toughness Test as if the attacker had been hit in the arm with a weapon with the Shocking quality.

Body Arms, Legs, AP 6, WT 19kg, Cost 5000, Vey Rare

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