The Xenarch are an isolationist warp-worshiping xenos species whose empire is believed to reside in the Galactic north.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Xenarch Death-Arc

Of the Xenarch of the Northern Rim, little is known, the Imperium having made little attempt to contact them. What technology of theirs has been examined by the Imperium centers around electrical weaponry that utilizes capacitors and cells far beyond the technology of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Xenarch death-arc is a potent, rifle-sized weapon that unleashes a series of arcing bolts of lightning towards its victim. If any of these bolts---deadly in their own right---strike their target, the death-arc channels a far-more powerful arc of electricity along their path, blasting the target into pieces.

Any additional shots that strike the same target are combined into a single damage roll, therefore only taking into consideration the effects of Toughness and armor once, rather than once per shot.

Basic, 100m, S/3/6, 1d10+3, E, PEN 0, Clip 100, RLD Full, Inaccurate, Shocking, WT 10kg, Cost 2,750, Very Rare

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