Ysai Ydumee is a frontier world in the Golgenna Reach of the Calixis Sector.

Lythea Haarlock’s TombEdit

Rogue Trader Lythea Haarlock was the reclusive, venomous abbess of priceless Haarlock libraries, murdered by the bioweapons of her half-brother Erasmus in 702.M41. The libraries remain within a chill, contaminated, and weapon-blasted void-station, drifting lost and uncharted in the outer Ysai Ydumee system. It is said to be haunted by tormented ghosts of past Rogue Traders, but more plausible threats are the intermittently active defense systems and lingering biomotes of the virulent Miasmic Pox that slew the void-station’s scribes and tech-adepts. Many servants of the Inquisition and archeoexhumators of the Disciples of Thule have explored it, seeking the near-mythical Testament of Solomon Haarlock thought to lie within---an account of unholy xenos worlds that thrived in the Calyx Expanse long before Lord-Militant Angevin’s Crusade.

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