“Of what wars waged beyond the Emperor’s light we will never truly know and can only look at the wreck of the overgrown battlefield and wonder at what has passed.”

–remark dictated by Rogue Trader Hiram Sult

Zayth is a world scarred deeply by war. Enormous vehicles the size of cities churn the surface of Zayth’s single macro-continent. Each is a fortress and weapon platform armed with fearsome devices of war and destruction. Within them dwell Zayth’s human population, protected from the radiation and toxins unleashed by centuries of warfare. Zayth’s surface has been barren for millennia, ploughed and poisoned by shellfire, rapacious, urgent strip-mining, and the passage of hive-vehicles. Despite their weaponry and extraordinary vehicle cities the humans of Zayth have fallen far from the knowledge of their ancestors in all but war, and the knowledge of producing their hive-vehicles is long vanished. Great generators and engine vaults are permanently sealed by copper doors or guarded by hereditary Engine Orders who guard the traditions and culture of each clan fortress. Upon war-torn Zayth, each hive-vehicle circulates its own coinage---often small stamped ingots of precious metals hung upon loops of silver wire.

The ‘Ursid’ pattern of heavy stubber supposedly originating on the war world of Zayth is more compact than the standard models and uses a smaller ammunition drum which most users find easier to port and reload.

Unique EquipmentEdit


These puissant archeotech weapons are thought to date back to the Dark Ages of Technology. However, thus far they have only been discovered on a long-lost citycache hidden amongst the ruins of the warworld of Zayth. The Disciples of Thule seized the majority of the weapons, though a few have found their hands into other members of the Machine Cult in the Koronus Expanse. Glowing with circuit-runes, the ancient tech-relic mounts a suitably large hammer head covered with nano-sized warp portals which burst open on contact. The impact of the portals creates intense, localised warp disruptions, causing microexplosions which devastate the enemy. Like many human designs, its visage is intended to intimidate and cower all who would stand before the righteous might of the Imperium and the Machine God. This weapon requires two hands to use.

Melee, 1d10+7(+SB), E, PEN 10, Power Field, WT 8kg, Extremely Rare

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