To all that know him, Zentos Cyran is a wealthy and successful guild advocate who operates on behalf of numerous independent commodity traders and gelt-speculators in the commercia markets of Scintilla. A lean and austere figure in his middle years with a shaven head and piercing grey eyes, he is well respected and considered to be highly connected and skilled at his trade. He makes his home in the most exclusive mercantile district of Ambulon, where he conducts most of his business. Unbeknownst to the wider world, however, Cyran is a Servant of the Horned Darkness, and part of a ruling cabal that seeks to rebuild the cult on Scintilla to its former glory.

With a mind as cold and vicious as a steel-sprung trap, Cyran’s particular gift is for intelligence gathering, bribery, and blackmail. Additionally, he sidelines as both a connection with Ambulon’s criminal underworld and as a trouble shooter for the cult, although he rarely dirties his own hands with murder. He is ably assisted (and watched) by a daemonic familiar he knows as Malessence, granted to him by Balphomael when he sold his soul.

Malessence, Dark Familiar

The powerful daemon familiar Malessence is a servitor creature of Balphomael, conjured from the body of a young woman who loved Cyran and who was sacrificed by him to his dark lord. The daemon is bound to Cyran’s soul and serves him as a bodyguard, spy, occasional assassin, and constant reminder of his obligations. A shape shifter, she can take several forms, but her preferred one is that of a pallid young woman. In this human guise, she masquerades publicly as Cyran’s aide. The resemblance of this last form to Cryran’s secret imaginings of a daughter he and his murdered lover might have had together is a deliberate and subtle barb on the daemon’s part.

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